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Tired of OVERLY  Priced unqualified leads that are resold over and over?


Get HASSLE FREE sales leads via email/text from us today for $15 each lead. We properly screen each lead by receiving information needed for underwriting questions

(this assures they can pass underwriting with the companies you give us), creating a full insurance analysis to each lead, and making sure they are ready to purchase with the next within 30 days, and have a special enrollment qualifying event if needed, among other factors, BEFORE we match the lead up with a local agent in their area (YOU). We match using the states you are licensed in as well as the companies you are appointed with. Each lead is only sold once and never resold (unless no contact was made by agent within a timely manner. Read Terms and Agreement below).

Currently ONLY providing leads for under 65 Health, Life, Auto, and Home/Renters, and commercial insurance.


Terms and Agreements:

To be apart of the lead program you or an employee from your agency are required to follow up with the lead in a timely manner unless otherwise stated in the details portion when the lead is sent to you. A timely manner is within 24-48hrs. We do followups on all leads to make sure you assisted the lead in a efficient and effective manner, where we also at that time capture a rating on the customer's experience with your service. We will also follow up with you if we find a discrepancies from the lead

(If the lead didn't turn into a sale). This helps us design a better agent lead program for our leads and agents. 


You are not allowed to sale or share the lead to anyone else. We have a NO TOLERANCE SPAM policy, and only the agency given the lead can contact the lead. This is to protect our members. Violators will be removed and banned from the lead program immediately. 

If you agree to the terms and agreements above, please fill in the form above, and you will be contacted by an agent center representative via email to complete your profile with us and discuss your agency's needs.

Once your registration for the lead program is complete you are on the list for us to Text/Email leads for the states/products you list with our agent center representative. Once we get a qualified lead that can use your services, we will reach out via email or text (which ever is best for your agency), if you agree to take the lead you will be invoiced for $15 BEFORE the lead is sent to you. Once payment is submitted you will receive the lead within 30 minutes from the time the payment is successfully received on our end. There are no extra fees associated with this program.

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