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"Insurance covers marijuana?! How Sway, How?"

Updated: May 22, 2019

FreeInsuranceGuru has partnered with Novis Medical to do so!!!

Our agents love this company for many reasons! I have to rate this company a A+ (just because it’s the first of its kind with great agent support)!

Innovators that are ground breaking in the insurance industry, always gets an A for Effort lol. Seriously, this company is the first of its kind to cover your weed costs.

Great product to sell 20-35% commission (residual)

You can build a team and get a kick back commission from each agent that you sign up under you.

::NOTE:: If you want to build a team you will be considered an agency and have to meet some requirements before being an agency. Such as have a production requirement of $250K in premiums. If you don't want to meet a quota requirement, sign up as an individual agent.


1) Great hands on training and meetings every week to ask questions directly

2) Very organized back office to track sales, traffic, and progress of your affiliate link.

3) The program director helps you establish provider network relationships and close the deal for you.(You just have to set up the meeting) Note: the director wants meetings with the owners of places like dispensaries, health clinics, holistic practices. This is a chance to secure serious money. Once that deal is done, you will get a residuals from their customers that come every month.

It’s so early that you will be the innovator in your area

4) Offer other products besides thc, cbd, and charlotte's webb. They also have vision and dental discounts,assistance with diabetic supplies and even a teledoctor that you can call and tell them your troubles and get a prescription without leaving the house!

5) Free prescription discount card to go along with the plan (for people who don’t have health insurance already or have a prescription that their plan doesn’t cover)

6) If you’re licensed in different states you can sell there too!

Very tech savvy … anyone who can give me my own affiliate link and I can ditch the paper application and meeting gets an A in my book!

7) Doesn’t sell patient info to marketing research companies! Your clients are safe from the internet insurance trolls and research firms.


1) It only saves people a few hundred a year (which is better than nothing) see chart below!

Only helps those who spend over $150 a Mth at dispensaries (so you’re looking for those with chronic pain)

2) You can’t call it medical insurance because it’s a membership discount plan (which makes people weary since it’s not “insurance”) I pitch this as a membership discount program.

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