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Single moms shopping for Life Insurance!

Knowing how to find deals and save on everyday life has become a 6th sense for myself and most single mothers. So why not get the best deal on your life insurance for yourself and children?

Single moms Life Insurance Hack!

Most life insurance policies are very inexpensive for children. Almost a few dollars a month. What if I told you there are some life insurance companies who will allow you to add some of your children on for $FREE.99..Yes, I said FREE!

Columbian Financial

This company not only has a product that allows you to get a policy at a competitive rate, but will allow you to add on your multiple kids for free as long as you sign yourself and one child on. So, for us moms who have more than one child, this is the PERRRRFECT Life insurance plan. These plans also builds up cash value (think of this as a small "Just in case" fund"). On this type of life insurance policy the kids will have to convert their free term policy to whole life plan once they're 18years of age, however, they are not rated up on any medical conditions they may have incurred over the years. WIN WIN

Cheers to smart financial shopping and saving. Click here to speak with one of our licensed agents

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