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Need dental work with no Insurance?

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Having no dental insurance can cost you big. Learn alternative options to save with dental care.

It seems as if Dental plans are being used more and more lately as opposed to traditional dental insurance. DENTAL "PLANS" like the companies found on Dental1 site are NOT considered dental insurance, but provide dental SAVINGS. You will find major dental carriers, like Carrington who offer a discount rate for dental care for those who do not have any dental insurance.

Here is a list of the prices for dental care we pulled directly from the site for various dental procedures: CarringtonCare500 Dental Fees

So if you have extensive dental work, broken tooth, need a cleaning, or need cavities filled with no dental insurance this may be the route to go considering traditional dental insurance plans such as Blue Cross or United healthcare have a waiting periods for up to a full year for those with without prior dental coverage, depending on the kind of dental service you need. With a price tag of at least $35/mth.

Advantages are that there are no waiting periods, you get more in savings for dental services, and the average costs is $120 a YEAR(saves over $300 a year)

Disadvantage Carrington Care 500 plan has a smaller network of dentists (but if you don't have a dentist, then this plan is TOTALLY WORTH IT! You can find dental offices that accept no insurance and accept the Carrington dental savings plan here - Carrington Dentist

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