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Missed Open Enrollment?

Getting health insurance is confusing enough, but not knowing a few ground rules can cost you BIG!

No worries!! Your Free Insurance Gurus have your back and wallet!

4 Ways to do if you miss open enrollment

1) CHECK DATES-Whether you are signing up with the insurance company directly with any subsides or signing up with the health insurance marketplace(aka Obamacare) makes a difference.

-For 2020 ON Marketplace the effective date is Nov 1 2019 - Dec. 15th 20219 -OFF Marketplace individuals actually start Oct 1st -Dec 31st

2) NOT ALL SHORT TERM PLANS ARE CREATED EQUAL United healthcare and National General are both great options for health insurance.

-United health care came out with a copay plan that allows members to have traditional copays 4 times a year and provide some benefits towards preventative care services when you need your annual check-ups. You can also keep this plan for 3 years at a time if needed. (Click Here to Get a Quote)

- National General offers a major medical insurance plan in the event something catastrophic happens to you and you need surgery. (Click Here to Get a Quote)

DISCLAIMERS - Most short plans do not offer coverages towards pre-existing conditions, pregnancies, among other services. Please make sure you reach out to one of our agents at if you need assistance with this. 3)SEP ME ! ( Special enrollment period) married moved to different county *most commonly used to get coverage Loss insurance divorced

To find out more on SEP's (Click Here) 4 ) LOCAL CLINICS - Most major hospital networks (Cone hospital in Greensboro NC) that have a "based on your income" care.

In most cases you have to come in for an appointment to be seen, then you speak to a financial advisor to discuss your options.

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