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Dental Savings Discounts

With the prices of dental procedures increasing, finding ways to help with those costs are becoming harder and harder.

For less than $10 a month you can get up to 20%- 68% off certain services such as oral exams, dental implants, crowns, and more.

Regular dental insurance can cost over $45 a month, and not cover you for a whole year for some services. This plan is less than $10 a month, with out waiting and no limits on use.

See Examples of how much you can save in your area with the discount plan.

Knowing where to go is the key to getting the best rates.

Call each place and check their availability in your area.

Once you become a member, you can use it SAME DAY (NO WAITING PERIODS)!

Right now this plan is over 30% off (Regular price is $14.95) at $9.95 per month.

You will pay a 1x set up fee of $30 + your first month $9.95 payment.

You will get a Temporary ID card to your email once you make your first payment.

Use that confirmation number to make your appointment with your dentist.

See below example

For more information

Please call 1-888-987-1994 Customer Care for assistance joining.

Dave Ramsey Endorsement:

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