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Nail Salon Insurance you need to get before you open

In this article you will find the Top 10 Risks Nail technicians need to be be insured for. You are also able to get a Free quote in minutes at your finger tips.

1) Professional Liability insurance for nail technicians. What if your client has an allergic reaction to your foot lotion you used, and has to seek medical attention. You professional liability will protect you in the event a claim is needed.

2) Loss of personal information. Are you accepting personal client information? Maybe for marketing purposes you collect client birthdays and addresses. In the event that information is compromised you are covered.

3) General liability for Injuries that happen on your property. What if your clients slips and falls near the sink as they wash their hands during the manicure process?

4) Cyber hacks- what if your social media page is hacked, and makes some inappropriate posts that causes you to loose business or cyber hacks that compromises your clients payment information.

5) Client Property insurance- What if someone accidentally spills finger nail polish on one of your client’s expensive jewelry or purses?

6) Person Information Slander- What if one of your employees is on social media or in private discussion talking about a client's feet and the client finds out and sues your nail salon for slander.

7) Watch out for your neighbors- Do they own a bar a grills that can catch fire? Make sure all tenants are properly insured. If not, there can be a delay on getting your property restored. In this case you would need to make sure the landlord/property manager is requiring all tenants to hold proper coverage and also confirming that coverages stay active from year to year. (This protects you in the case you have a tenant that gets the insurance to provide proof and drops it later)

8) Automobile coverage- Are you a mobile nail technicians? (You only need this if you have more than one vehicle or have employees driving this vehicle) If you are driving your personal vehicle just make sure to let your insurance company know of your business use.

9) Advertising coverage- Social media posts, Radio, TV all included. Let's say you advertise for an new nail polish line to last longer, and a client uses it and sues you because the nail polish you advertised did not last long to them.

10) Life Insurance-Your life is your greatest asset and if something were to happen to you would your family afford living expenses with out your income? Life insurance can be used for your family to keep your business operating and also for them handle the affairs following your death. The last thing you want is for your family to have to move immediately or shut your business that you built up for yourself, because they cant afford operating and living expenses.

Starting a business or a new career can be hard enough with marketing and day-today operating duties of the business, but do not ignore the insurance part to keep you and your business safe. Some of these coverages you may not need when you are starting out, but Basic coverages like Professional and General Liability insurance for nail technicians are coverages that you will need day 1 of working.

If you need personal help and need assistance today at 1-844-467-3863.

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