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No moms! Life Insurance First.. Then the baby

We all think of all the joys life brings when a new baby is on the way. The smell of the new baby skin, and the how close it brings spouses together, but what if mom dies giving birth?

What's happening now

Again, no mother wants to think about losing their life during or after child birth but it happens far more often than you think.

USA Today reported "For every five mothers dying in the United States from pregnancy and childbirth, three could have been saved if they had received better medical care".

"Data between 2013 and 2017 from the maternal mortality review committees in 13 states. The findings confirmed that there were more than 3,400 pregnancy-related deaths over a five-year period in the United States." from The Washington Posts in March.

Be prepared for the worse but hope for the best

Buying a life insurance policy with the thought in mind is tough and very emotional. However, not being prepared before the pregnancy could lead to greater consequences.

  • Find a policy that meets your expectations (wants and needs)

  • Let your spouse/partner know your exact plan for the policy(could be in a will or notarized letter)

  • Always keep an electronic copy of the policy and let spouse/partner know where the policy information can be found(I would even email it to them)

  • In the event, that you don't have any complications you will have a great policy in place that can help your family with expenses in the event that something happens to you later in life.

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