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Guide to purchasing affordable dental implants in 2021

A single implant could cost on average around $3,000- $9,000, not including the costs for new technologies including lab fees or 3D Cone Beam scans for proper placement.

There are several different types of implants that a person could qualify for.


The most common, and cost efficient is the Endosteal implants. Cost for these could run $3,000-$4,500.

Transosteal are for those who do not have enough bone to get the Endosteal implants.

Endosteal can go in the top or the bottom portions of your mouth, while Transosteal dental implants are for those who need more support and in the bottom portion in their mouths to make the implant process a success. The Transosteal are the highest in cost, because they require a metal plate to be installed an secured under the jawbone to only replace lower teeth.


When purchasing a plan to help pay for this expensive procedure, you need to make sure to know a few details on the types of policies that will assists in the payment.

Questions to ask:

1) Are their any waiting periods for major services?

2) Do they cover implants? If so, which kind? (Just incase you need the Transosteal)

3) Do you have a maximum limit in how much the insurance company will pay a year on your dental benefits?(Since a single tooth could cost well over $2,000, you wouldn't want to get a plan that only covers $1200 a year)

4) Is there a missing tooth clause? (This is when a tooth or teeth are missing BEFORE you get the plan. If they do have this clause, the teeth that you currently have missing will not cover those teeth. ONLY teeth that you currently have that will be pulled(extracted will be covered for dental implants.

After doing a bit of research most dental insurance plans did not make since to purchase since most of them have yearly pay out limits of only $1,000- $1,500 on your dental benefits. You also only get 25% off major services from those plans that don not have waiting periods. With these dental insurance costing between $30-$70 per month, the best thing to do to save money on dental implants is to purchase a dental discount plan.

Dental discount plans like the Careington 500 1dental plan is only $109 a year, they don't have any yearly dental coverage limits, no waiting periods, and they don't have missing tooth clauses. Coverage is usually a discount of around $1600-$1800 the costs for your dental implants. This is plan normally requires you to stay in network.

Searching for dentist that do oral surgery is essential in your journey. Find oral surgeons in your area and looking up their reviews in google is apart of the process. The dentist that show as in network in the Careington 500 1 dental discount plan can be found using this link:

Finding the right Oral Surgeon

Focusing on 3 major areas that show an increase on implant coverage needed in their area. Making sure we looked at reviews for the state of Texas, Florida, and Illinois.

First, lets look at a oral surgeon that provides

affordable dental implants in near the Houston Texas area. Averaging a 4.7 out of 5 stars under google reviews. On average all of Dr. Craig's reviews are positive. Kristen commented "Dr. Craig and his entire staff are wonderful. I couldn’t have asked for more caring and professional treatment!" along with giving 5 stars. In her reviews we also saw that Dr. Luis Craig has implemented strict Covid-19 restrictions that will provide you and their staff with proper safety.

Next, we went to find high ranking dentists near you in the city of Chicago IL.

Given all 5 stars under healthgrades we noticed that Dr. Matthew McKnight has a gift of making his patients comfortable with their procedures. He is located at Kruzan & Kloberdanz DDS Ltd 2580 Foxfield Rd Ste 100 Saint Charles, IL 60174.

We sought to find quality dental care in the city of Tampa Fl that provided affordable dental implants near you. We found Florida Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery located in 3302 W Azeele St, Tampa, FL 33609 had 5 stars on google.

When you look for a Oral surgeon, shop for prices and reviews. Look for reviews on how the surgeon and staff made the patient feel, how they respond to reviews, and what kinds of implants they specialize in. Ask how often they upgrade their technology to prevent inaccuracies for placement of your implants.

Get a consultation with a dentist that can get you on your journey to healthy and beautiful dental implants.

2 Step To do checklist:

1) Sign up for your dental discount (You will be able to use the benefits same day you sign up) CLICK HERE

2) Call dentist and set up appointment for consultation same day you sign up!

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